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About Us

WirelessWaiting was born out of the frustration of having potentially great hospitality experiences ruined by the lack of prompt service when required.

Effortlessly improve your customer service


WirelessWaiting has helped dozens of resorts and restaurants improve customer service, increase revenue, and even reduce expenses.


WirelessWaiting is a call button service where guests notify servers on-demand whenever they are in need of service by pressing a button placed on, or attached to, their table and/or lounge chair. A wireless radio signal is sent to a receiver (similar in style to the Apple watch, see image below) worn on the wrist of the server who can then attend to the guests in a timely fashion.


Ideal for the pool and beach areas, cabanas, service and kitchen areas, and conference rooms. WirelessWaiting will bring your service to the next level.

Did you know..?


On average, Wireless Waiting generates:

10% Increase in Food Revenue

15% Improved Labor Efficiency

25% Increase in Beverage Revenue

100% Customer Satisfaction

Discover more of the benefits you gain with the WirelessWaiting system

Help enhance your guest experience


Wouldn’t it be great if your guests could get service right when they need it and still be left alone if they want some privacy?

couple having dinner on a cruise ship
waiter on cruise ship

Reduce service complaints


Have you ever considered the cost of just one service complaint? Apart from the direct cost of having to “comp” something, the cost of a lost customer, or even worse poor word-of-mouth could be huge.

Get your staff working more efficiently


Having your servers exactly where they need to be, when they are needed gives you a big advantage. Using our system makes your staff almost “telepathic.”

luxury restaurant
increase revenue

Generate added revenue through incremental sales


Clients using our system have reported on average an increase in sales of between 8%-12%. As your fixed costs are already accounted for, approximately 60% of this increase goes straight to your bottom line.

Provide a safety net


We know you pride yourself on your excellent service. Even with superior customer service, things do get missed. Our system ensures that regardless of what corner of the restaurant, which side of the pool or, what end of the beach your customers are, it’s impossible to be overlooked.

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You get full ongoing support from us

Free Consultation

Customization and Branding

Full Installation

Full Maintenance

Staff and Management Training

Full Insurance

Regular Ongoing Support

Outstanding Client Care

Is your business ready to take customer service to a new level?