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Wireless Waiting | Applications
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Wherever the WirelessWaiting system is installed, restaurant owners report faster table turnover, more efficient staff, customer complaints decreasing, as well as a higher average spend.


Beach F&B service


Providing good service on the beach is notoriously difficult. Call buttons clip directly to sun loungers or umbrellas. They are attached each morning during
set up and removed at close of business.

restaurant waiting service



Call buttons are simply placed on the tables. Many of our clients also put call buttons in the kitchen so servers or food runners need only go into the kitchen when the chef notifies them food is ready.

bar service



Many upscale bars and lounges now use our system. The growing demographic of Millennials like the idea of service at the push of a button.

cruise line service luxury

Cruise Lines


People take cruises to experience luxury. What could be more luxurious than lounging on the deck and pressing your Call Button when you’re ready for that next cocktail?

nightclub bars waiting service



In the coming years the Millennials will have huge spending power. Our system helps them spend more, faster.

swimming pool holiday service

Swimming pool areas


As with the beach, Call Buttons are clipped directly to the lounge chairs or umbrellas.

conference room waiting service

Conference & Meeting Rooms


Clients holding meetings or conferences are able to alert staff if anything is needed. Staff members can be completing other duties until called upon.

wedding functions reception waitress

Weddings & Events


Wedding guests love this! Being able to silently order drinks DURING the speeches is great. The first time we used our system at a wedding, the venue sold over $1200.00 worth of drinks during the speeches, when normally they would sell none. The system can be rented for individual events.

football stadium nfl luxury seats vip seats

Premium Seating in Stadiums and Arenas


Watching your favorite team or rock concert from the comfort of a luxury suite is exciting. Having the option to “press for service” when you need it makes the occasion even better.

Super Yacht


Anyone who either owns or hires a Super Yacht really expects the very best in service.They also want privacy, especially on sun decks, jacuzzi areas, and private state rooms. WirelessWaiting allows you to combine service with privacy.



Whether attached to banks of slots or used discretely by croupiers to attract a hostess, security, or a Manager, Wirelesswaiting helps to give your clients an enhanced experience.

Dine in Theatre


Attracting a waiter during a live performance or a screening can be really difficult but with Wirelesswaiting ordering drinks and food can be done very discreetly and therefore produces incremental sales increased revenue

Is your business ready to take customer service to a new level?