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“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler,” – Albert Einstein

WirelessWaiting Call Button

Can be placed on table with base (included), or attached to beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, anywhere!

Uses a wireless radio signal that doesn't interfere with wifi

Has a range of 1000 meters, with signal booster available for larger beachfront areas

Easy to use


Guests love it!

WirelessWaiting Wrist Receiver

Comfortable and stylish, similar to a smartwatch

Vibrates when customer pushes a Call Button

Rechargable, power cord included

Easy to use, no canceling of call required

Receives signal from multiple Call Buttons at one time

Manager's Receiver available to cover all sections

WirelessWaiting Kitchen/Bar Keypad

Used in the kitchen so Chef can alert the server/food runner when food is ready.

Used at the bar so bartender can alert server when drinks are ready.

Food gets to the guest faster and fresher, no getting cold or sitting under hotplate.

Servers not hanging around in kitchen so they are always available to serve guests until food is actually ready to serve.

Less guest complains and more efficient servers.

Is your business ready to take customer service to a new level?